Food Stories to Go


Ever wonder how spaghetti and meatballs became the perfect combo? Who came up with bagels and cream cheese? Yeah, us too. Sure, we can do a quick search online to find out, but we had another idea: to ask someone, someone who seems to have the answers for everything, someone everyone always wishes he or she was again sometimes—a child. 

And Food Stories to Go was born: a series of imaginative food-origin stories written and illustrated by children, coming soon on eco-friendly totes and lunch bags.

Here's a peek at two upcoming bags by third grader Tai Blabac, who drew these stories when she was 9. Want to know when they're available? Subscribe to our monthly newsletter to be the first in the know. 
Ham and Cheese

Ham + Cheese

With or without mayo, ham and cheese has always been one of the most popular sandwiches. See how this pairing began...
PB + J

PB + J

Even a jar of peanut butter can get hungry (and lonely) at times, but not for long: "They looked into each other's jars..."

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