We Heart L.A. Parks

Calling all L.A. park fans, help us create a thoughtful and artful tour of our city's parks by submitting your artwork to our We Heart L.A. Parks book. Like We Heart P-22: A Coloring + Activity Book Celebrating L.A.'s Most Famous Mountain Lion, the book will feature original artwork and activities created by emerging and established local artists, alongside personal stories and interesting details about each park.

Submissions are now closed. Stay tuned for book release in February 2021! Join our mailing list for up-to-date news.

Public parks are vital to the communities around them as sites for exploration, celebration, education, and activism. Parks are, for some of us, where we feel most free. More than ever, we need our parks as places for safe, outdoor activities, be it picnicking with family, getting exercise, hiking trails, or simply catching a breath of fresh air. 

We Heart L.A. Parks will celebrate our parks with educational stories and activities that park lovers of all ages can enjoy—from coloring pages and puzzles to a fold-out board game—while also acknowledging the work that needs to be done to make parks more accessible to all communities. 

Want to submit?

Reflect on a public park in the city of Los Angeles that has special meaning to you. Think about what scene or feature of the park—or personal memory—you'd like to depict, and the people you might include. Inclusivity is encouraged. 

A submission will consist of a line-art illustration that fits on 8 1/2 x 11 paper, either portrait or landscape orientation, and ready to be colored in! 

To submit your idea, complete the We Heart L.A. Parks Contributor form by October 16, 2020.  To see which parks have already been assigned, visit our map. (We are particularly interested in parks located in Council Districts not currently represented on the map.) Assignments will be confirmed soon after receipt, and we ask that rough drafts be ready for review by October 19. Final art will be due October 28.

See some early submissions below!

Confirmed contributors include Miguel OrdeñanaEliseo Art SilvaTracy Park, Margaret Gallagher, John Son, Mandi RobertsSophia Allison,  Anne Blecksmith, Karen Lukesh, Lucy Gonzalez, Jennifer CuellarJessica Hoffmann, Caitlin HowardValentina Mogilevskaya QuezadaMiles Castro,  I-Ching Lao, and Cody Cameron.

How many parks will be featured? Upwards of 50 parks will be featured, created by Angelenos of all ages, representing the diversity of nature and architectural sights and park designs around Los Angeles. This will be the first in a series of books highlighting our public parks.

As with our other books—We Heart P-22 and Dear Seller—a percentage of the book's profits will be donated to a local organization. The book will be dedicated in loving memory of our friend Julio Gosdinski,  co-owner of the Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round.

What do contributors receive? Each artist will receive an honorarium, complimentary copy of the book, and contributor discount to purchase additional copies.

 For more info, contact us.

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