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We are a creative collective that develops products to benefit causes close to our hearts. Our mission is threefold: to provide individuals with an outlet to share their diverse experiences and talents, to enrich people’s lives through unique multimedia stories, and to partner with organizations doing good.

The idea for Narrated Objects came about after founder Teena Apeles and creative partner Andrea Richards discovered a collection of vintage slides when they were packing up the Stuyvesant Town apartment of Teena’s great aunt, “Lola Tessie,” after she passed away. The slides include amazing portraits of Lola Tessie at major attractions and events in New York City in the ’50s and ’60s, as well as pictures from all over the world during her travels. Some of these slides are featured on our site, and a book inspired by these Kodachrome slides is in the works.

Read more about the team below.

"I'm drawn to things that are broken—and sometimes I like to fix them." The subject matter Teena has tackled over the years is widely diverse: prison recipes, urban archaeology, domestic violence, sustainable fashion, and much more. At the heart of her favorite stories are trailblazers and unsung heroes: she enjoys learning about what inspires individuals to affect change and how communities are transformed by them. Teena has worked for KCET, LAist, PEN USA, and Seal Press, and has edited numerous titles for Design Studio Press and TASCHEN. 

"If it's not written on a yellow legal pad, it doesn't exist." Andrea writes about cultural trends, film history, and forgotten philosophical systems for such publications as The Believer, BUST, make/shift, and Los Angeles magazine. She is also the author of Girl Director and two L.A. guidebooks, and has worked as an editor for Girl Press, Angel City Press, and TASCHEN. Fond of the esoteric, Andrea is an enthusiast for her adopted city, outdated technologies, and the creative pursuits of others. 

"I like prose that's clean, clear, and packed with meaning." Jessica is a coeditor/copublisher of make/shift magazine; editor/copy editor of almost 200 books for publishers including TASCHEN and the Perseus Books Group; communications consultant for USC's Visions and Voices Initiative, The Wende Museum, and Foundation for a Just Society, among others; and writer on arts and social justice for publications including The Art Newspaper, SFAQ, GOOD, and ColorLines

"I don't know what I want to be when I grow up." Ten-year-old Tai has written and illustrated numerous stories on any surface available to her. Her artwork inspired our forthcoming Food Stories to Go product line, which will feature imaginative stories about her favorite meals. Currently a third grader, she also enjoys writing songs, choreographing dance routines, and especially holding garage sales. 

"Pas trop trop, et pas trop trop." If you ask Miriam, almost everything in design and life is about striking a perfect (or perfectly imperfect) balance. Having launched her graphic design career in Montreal’s vibrant fashion scene, she subsequently spent years honing her typography skills with publishers, corporate clients, and letterpress projects. She believes that at its most compelling, visual communication is good storytelling.

Originally from Zurich, Switzerland, Alexandra graduated from the American Film Institute with a degree in cinematography. For the past two decades, she has been working in film and video production in Los Angeles. Her photography captures her appreciation for architecture and interior design, and will be featured prominently in our Dear Seller book to be released October 2018.

Lucy serves on the board of Friends of Griffith Park and is a photographer and designer. She designed our first publication, We Heart P-22. Lucy lives next to Griffith Park, where P-22 currently lives, and she gets daily visits from furry and feathered critters. 

Linda is a senior public-relations strategist and storyteller. She has been shaping the reputations of companies and causes for more than 18 years, including Stanford Hospital, Dignity Health, and the American Academy of Ophthalmology, among several other leading health care organizations and charities in the United States and the United Kingdom. Linda most recently served as a VP in the health practice at Edelman.

A Southern California heavy-metal kid turned long-hair punk, Steven was educated by Doonesbury comics, Steve Martin LPs, and Woody Allen movies. He is a short-story writer, publisher of tiny books, manager at Skylight Books, and member of the band Ukefink.

"Now more than ever, people want to feel like people—not like robots, mere extensions of their phones and their email." Nina is an editor with more than two decades of experience transforming lightbulb moments and napkin sketches into books. She is currently the managing editor of TASCHEN, where she oversees the publisher’s literary letterpress series and books big and small of photography and fine art. She studied literature and art history at Vassar College before returning to her native Los Angeles to work with various independent presses. She now lives on the East Coast.

"If clutter is evidence of a life well-lived, all the books, magazines, and records stacked and shelved around my apartment must mean I’m having an awesome time!" Laura amassed her collection while working for many years in art and literary publishing for such publishers as Chronicle Books and TASCHEN and the magazines ArtforumBOMB, Cabinet, and Tin House, among others. More recently she was publisher of The Believer magazine and McSweeney’s. Last year Laura ditched her cubicle job and established Kind Life Media, a marketing agency aimed toward independent publishers, thus ensuring her bookshelves stay full.

For more than two decades, Joel has been active in networks and coalitions that advocate for diverse communities, especially underserved and low- to moderate- income populations. As executive director of Search to Involve Pilipino Americans (SIPA), Jacinto was active in the process that resulted in the designation of Historic Filipinotown in Los Angeles. Complementing his work in social services, Joel is a longtime arts and cultural practitioner, having cofounded the Filipino folk and traditional arts organization Kayamanan Ng Lahi in 1990. Valuing Joel's extensive experience in working with youth, families, businesses, and communities, Mayor Eric Garcetti appointed Jacinto to serve on the Affordable Housing Commission in 2014.

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