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Real Estate Love Letters from Los Angeles

Submission Guidelines

About the book

Shopping for a home? It’s a sellers’ market, especially in major metropolises such as Los Angeles, where real estate is in high demand and no shortage of money is thrown sellers’ way. It’s competitive, it’s fierce, but it’s not always the highest bidder who comes out on top. 


Dear Seller: Real Estate Love Letters from Los Angeles will feature memorable letters by those who attempted to win the hearts of home sellers with their words and stories in order to win the bidding war for the home of their dreams. These real (estate) love letters are a testament to the belief that money can’t buy everything—while words can be priceless.

And the letters featured in the book will not just be limited to people shopping for homes; the rental market is just as competitive, so we will also be considering thoughtful letters submitted for rental properties.

Want to submit?

To be considered for the book, please email your letter, in the original format if possible, to dearseller@narratedobjects.com by August 31, 2017. By contributing to this book, you agree to the following:

1) Publication of the letter: Note that we will not publish home addresses or contact information. In addition, contributors are free to edit out other personal details such as full names in the interest of privacy.

2) Signing contributor's agreement: This acknowledges that you're allowing Narrated Objects to publish it.

3) If your letter was successful and you currently live in the home you wrote the letter for, either allow us to shoot photos of the home, or kindly provide us with your own hi-res photos of the home.

Why should I contribute?

Our aim with this collection is to share the diverse voices of everyday Angelenos writing from the heart (versus simply their bank accounts), while also offering a colorful look at the interesting architecture of the city—and a peek at what lies beyond our neighbors' doors.

By participating in this project, you will receive a complimentary copy of the book, a discount on future copies, and a small honorarium. For more info, email us.

Special thanks to the Department of Cultural Affairs, City of Los Angeles, and Center for Cultural Innovation's Creative Economic Development Fund for supporting this endeavor.

A portion of the profits from the book will go to an organization providing services to the homeless. 

Photos by Alexandra Weiss

House proof courtesy of Lili Barsha and permissions courtesy Dion Neutra, Architect © and Richard and Dion Neutra Papers, Department of Special Collections, Charles E. Young Research Library, UCLA.